Sunday, November 06, 2005

Andrea is..

1. i _____ andrea.
2. andrea needs _____.
3. andrea wants _____.
4. andrea can be_____.
5. one day andrea and i will _____.
6. andrea thinks im _____.
7. without andrea i _____.
8. andrea loves _____.
9. andrea is _____.
10. best thing about andrea is _____.
11. when andrea grows up, she will be my _____.
12. andrea is such a _____ .
13. when im alone with andrea i will _____.
14. andrea daydreams about ______.
15. andrea reminds me of_____.

i found this online and it used the name andrea so i had to use it...haha. fill in the blanks...


Miles C. said...

Wow...I could say such inappropriate things here.

1. am really good friends with
2. to clean her room
3. to go to Wendy's
4. talkative at times
5. *sorry folks, you can fill in your own blank here. Use your imagination*
6. swell
7. would probably die
8. Wendy's
9. a really awsome person
10. everything!
11. *refers to number 5*
12. large eater
13. do absolutey nothing different *come on, she's not the whore in this group*
14. Wendy's
15. No one, she's unique

Dreadful Beth said...

1. i totally love andrea.(like woah)
2. andrea needs to be more confident like me! haha
3. andrea wants me to sleep over
4. andrea can be way cute
5. one day andrea and i will sleep in her "treehouse of love"
6. andrea thinks im prolly the most awesome person shes ever met...ever.
7. without andrea i would slit my wrists ever second of every day. lol
8. andrea loves GREAT BIGGIE FRIES!...and other stuff ;)
9. andrea is fun, funny, great, awesome!
10. best thing about andrea is when she texs me in the middl eof the night about boys and is funny. oh and when she eats 10000000 pounds of food then weighs nothing.
11. when andrea grows up, she will be my chours member number 5. lol
12. andrea is such a good kid.
13. when im alone with andrea i will call keith in the middle of the night! and well maybe ill be the whore in this group ;) in the treehouse of lovee.
14. andrea daydreams about liz pegg.
15. andrea reminds me of wicked and wendys and hoagies and treehouses and her awesome mother!

haha youre super awesome<3

Lexi Elizabeth said...

jay, what's with all the wendy's comments?

jaime said...

care for
a bath?
a bath?
annoying. (j/k)
travel to the moon.
super groovy
would have one less friend.
her friendliness
an astronaught.
drama queen
talk about alyssa and liz
a bath?
one of the nicest people i've ever met!

Lexi Elizabeth said...

a bath? what? astronaut? ...weird

Lexi Elizabeth said...

so,in conclusion andrea eats too much...

Moria said...

2)something to excell at
3)a chorus person part in BaTB
4)crazy sometimes but is hilarious
5)teach jay how to skate
7)wouldnt have had so much fun at
9)amazimg, funny
10)her kindness
11)her friend, i hope
15)all my crazy friends