Saturday, October 01, 2005

Type A

You Have A Type A Personality


You are hyper, energetic, and always on the mood
You tend to succeed at everything you attempt
And if you don't succeed at first, you quickly climb your way to the top!

You could be called a workaholic, but you also make time for fun
As long as it's high energy and competitive, you're interested
You have the perfect personality for business and atheltic success


Miles C. said...

I'm type A too!

My favorites:

10. Imagine you are ready to go but have to wait for people in your group to be ready.

It's not that big of a deal - you'll amuse yourself in the meantime.
You are probably going crazy with impatience.

12. Do you typically wear a watch?


25. When someone takes a long time to express their thoughts, you:

Get frustrated
Patiently listen

I wonder which you chose...

Lexi Elizabeth said...

well i definitely chose the "it's not a big deal i'll amuse myself..."hhaa. and i never wear a watch and ALWAYs patiently listen! haha.... :-P