Saturday, October 01, 2005


Your True Birth Month Is December




Not egoistic

Loves praise

Loves to joke

Fun to be with

Not pretending

Loves attention

Short tempered

Hates restrictions

Loves to socialize

Loves to be loved

Loyal and generous

Impatient and hasty

Changing personality

Good sense of humor

Honest and trustworthy

Influential in organizations

Takes high pride in oneself

Active in games and interactions


Miles C. said...

Hmm...I didn't know you loved about that?

Lexi Elizabeth said...

i think i'm all of these. i'm logical, haha. i'm...ok, skip patriotic. i'm amitious. i don't know what egiostic means...i love praise and love to joke. i'm obviously fun to be with :P i love to pretend though...and i definitely love attention. short tempered...sometimes. i hate restricitions...although i set them on myself more than my mom does...haha. i love to socialize and i love to be loved. i'm generous and loyal. i don't know anyone less impatient than me. i guess my personality changes alot...haha. i have an alright sense of humor...i'm honest...trustworthy...Influential in organizations...sure. haha. i definitely take pride in myself...haha. and i'm always active no matter what i'm doing. :-D