Tuesday, September 20, 2005


i, andrea wilhelm, am being forced to post. ME! someone who used to post twice a day, am being forced to post. there isn't much to post about. hoagies on saturday were fun. i had a blast making them with my friends. we totally beat mike tricia and libby, although don't tell them that, because they'll say they didn't. jay got me awesome presents...that i'm never returning, haha. the band festival that night rocked too. they played wicked! haha. and the phantom of the opera. and mis kelly kept yelling at us to be quiet. oh well. haha. sunday i worked, and jay came in and said hi. he ended up helping with the great history poster, sorta. then....soemthing else happened, but i can't remember. hmm....monday? what did i do?....oh yeah!!!! the little women meeting. i think they liked us, but there are so many things stopping us from getting to do it. i hope we do. i don't want to try out for other shows though. but oh well, i'll try out and totally suck. the worst they can do is not cast me. haha. today was a great day. this week is turning out awesome. i hope nobody ruins it. marching band was fun today. we didn't march in 1000 degree weather, which is always good. libby drove me home. we had an interesting conversation. haha. then...i finished my sibelius song! it's great, i don't care what anyone says. i'm gonna learn how to burn it onto a cd and then i'm gonna listen to it non stop. haha. or maybe mr. lavelle will give me extra credit...:-D. well, oh yeah. i'm being elphaba for senior slave day, whenever that is.


Miles C. said...

Haha...Your birthday party was Sunday, was that it? And didn't you get your phone today? Tell me the number!

Lexi Elizabeth said...

i got my phone today...not yesterday! yay! it's like ugly and cheap, because my mom wanted to get me the cheapest phone, but it's a flip phone, and no it doesn't make the really cool noise, but it works...haha. i'll tell you the number...on the phone or something. haha

Anonymous said...

whos making u be elphaba?