Sunday, July 10, 2005

Andrea, your Personality Summary
Your Personality Type
You are an optimist who is often more focused on the past and the future than the present moment. You have an active imagination. You have good hunches and intuitions and people notice that.
Your Motto
"I want to discover the truth in life."
How You Work best
You work best in cooperative, harmonious environments. Competition, a rushed pace, and a strict format for communication don't work well for you. Your strength is your open-mindedness. Your Achilles heel is that you are sometimes too hard on yourself.
Your Life Situation
You are not fully satisfied with your current life situation. It is in your own hands, though, to change this. Every day you have the opportunity to improve your life situation by making decisions that suit your personality best. Making decisions that suit your personality best benefits all areas of your life: your relationships, your career, your love life, your goals, your family life, and your health. In order to make the decisions that suit YOU best, you need to know your personality well. Start making the right decisions today


Lorelai Anderson said...

wow same results! that's freaky and it's awesome too! cuz i think i'm pretty awesome that means you're awesome too! lol

Lexi Elizabeth said...

i totally am! haha

Lorelai Anderson said...

someone's a little vain! lol