Sunday, July 10, 2005

Twenty People

Name 20 people you know...
1. Kayla
2. Lissa
3. Laurel
4. Liz
5. Jay
6. Jenny
7. Erin
8. Alyssa
9. Veronica
10. Craig
11. Mel
12. Vickie
13. Rudy
14. Christine
15. Molly
16. Becca
19. Jaime
20. Lindsey
-Who is 8 going out with? i have no idea
-Is 9 a boy or a girl? girl
-Would 11 and 12 make a good couple? ew no. they are both girls
-What about 18 and 4? wow, liz and jordan. that worked out perfectly.
-What grade is 17 in? 10th, i think
-When was the last time you talked to 12? wow, like a week
-What is 6's fav. band? i don't know
-Does 1 have any siblings? no, but she did during sister week!!!! haha
-Would you ever date 3? no, sorry laurel
-Is 16 single? maybe
-What's 14's last name? i don't know
-What's 4's middle name? i don't know
-What's 10's fantansy? i don't know, to get out of the job he's in
-Would 14 and 19 be a good couple? probably not
-Arandom fact about 11? she rocks!
-And number 15? total U2 fan
-Have you ever had a crush on 13? no
-Where does 9 live? bethel park
-What's 4's fav. color? pink, i think
-Would you ever make out with 17? lauren? no way!
-Are 5 & 6 best friends? not really
-Does 8 like 19? yeah
-How did you meet 15? through the best tv show in the world, duh!
-Does 10 have any pets? yep! i think....maybe not. i don't know!
-Is 12 older than you? yeah
-Have you ever gave 13 a hug? yeah
-Is 2 the sexiest person alive? um... not at all.

wow, i should've put these in a better order, if only i looked at the questions before the twenty people. haha.


Miles C. said...

I don't know. It worked out fine for Liz.

Wait...her middle name is elizabeth? Elizabeth Elizabeth Pegg?

Lexi Elizabeth said...

no! haha. sorry, haha. i must of looked at the wrong person, haha

Lorelai Anderson said...

you don't wanna makeout with me?!? i'm so hurt lol

haha that's so funny!!

Lexi Elizabeth said...

sorry lauren! :-P

Corrag said...

I know I've told you about my pet rats (*I MEAN DOGS*). They're so cute!

Anonymous said...

omgsh! me and J-ordan! jeeeeeez! how super cool is that? but andrea you never said if we'd be a good couple?<3333 would we?

my middle name is NOEL, thanks jay...

Lexi Elizabeth said...

haha. you and jordan are perfect together. the post proves it!!!