Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Deep Creek

ok, so Saturday morning i woke up at 6:14 for work. then i went to work, worked, and finally at 3 i got to go to deep creek! the drive was two hours long, if that, and then when we got there we watched CSI for a while. i caught up on a lot of episodes i haven't seen before. then on sunday we went on the boat, and i went swimming and tubing. i had a blast. we also went to this resturant and they had go carts so we rode those. i had my foot on the brake without realising it, so i started out in last, ending up second (well, actually probably third to last, but they stopped it at the guy in front of me and so i was second- haha.) this one guy was bumping into every body, being rude and everything. but anyways, the next day (the fourth of july) we watched more CSI (we did this every day by the way) and we went on the boat twice. the first time i fell asleep and burned while the second time we watched the never ending fire works. the finale was in the middle of the show. and then everytime we thought it was done, we would pause, clap, and then the fire works would go again. it was hilarious. and then we went to bed- sorta. we started making fun of umm....blue's clues and barney. it was hysterical! then we went to bed and woke up and went home.

oh yeah, and we watched Live8! it was soo good. The Who played Who are you, will smith was there, stevie wonder, and many more! they all rocked!!!!!!!


Corrag said...

I missed fireworks... :-(

But I did make fun of Barney and Blues Clues (some time ago). We just figured out Blue's clues, we just figured out Blue's clues, we just figured out Blue's clues because we're really smart (and on acid!)!

Miles C. said...

Sounds fun!