Friday, July 01, 2005

CSI moments, part 1

it was around the time when rumors were going around that billy petersen was going to leave CSI because he didn't like the direction it was going. liss told me the news and i was flipping out! i was like "You can't have Catherine and Grissom with out Grissom!!!!" I had hand motions with this too. When I said Catherine, i put out my left hand. When I said Grissom, i put out my right. When i said without grissom, i took away my right hand and stared sadly at the lonely left hand.

In January, we were supposed to do a theater arts project where we do random projects on The Crusible. So liss and I were going to the mall, and we were discussing what we were going to do, and somehow we got to talking about what we would do for a CSI project. We wanted to make shirts, videos, collages, everything! we went through the whole list and named exactly what we would do for CSI! it was great. i would've gotten an A+ on that!

to be continued with more CSI-ful moments


Miles C. said...

Haha! Wow. I remember that time too.


A CSI does sound right up your alley :-)

Lexi Elizabeth said...

what moment do you remember? having to do the projects?