Thursday, June 09, 2005

Work and other random thoughts

I don't know if i hate or love work, because there are some days that i like it, and some where i don't. lately i have been hating it because nobody knows how to clean up after themselves and nobody knows how to do chores. i seriously do chores and they look like they haven't been done since the last time i worked. and i don't work that often.

i like work because i love people. i like talking to people, getting to know people, and understanding people, the whole deal. i love to start up conversations with costumers who are running late for work and who have all the time in the world. i like to talk to co-workers as well. Since i am under 18, i must always have a co-worker there, so i have someone to talk to. it's comforting.

but it's not that i am dependent on talking to people. oh no. i love to be by myself. my friends complain because i would rather be at my house curled in a ball reading my latest book (which right now is phantom of the opera). i would also rather be on the computer talking to my friends than in person or even on the phone. i have time to think about what i am going to say, and i can correct my errors. not saying i do this online either.

i know i sound very contradicting, but this is seriously what goes on through my head every morning. and night. speaking of night, i was up all night. i wasn't doing anything useful, and i wasn't doing much at all. i was posting on a few boards and checking out some blogs. speaking of blogs- how come some people don't let you comment. that's stupid. there was a great blog that i wanted to comment on, but they didn't allow comments. grrrr. anyway, i have a red line on my arm from typing. and my dogs went pyscho on me because i got up to go to the bathroom. hello? i'm not leaving you guys! man, sometimes i wonder....;)

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Laurel said...

Hey, I love talking to people to I'm most definatly a people-person...O and I just read a couple of really good books "Peter and the Starcatchers" by Dave Barry, and "The Amulet of Samarkand" by Jonathon Stroud you should read them yeah so ttyl
Luv ya all!