Friday, May 27, 2011

New Life!

So I'm going to be moving to Madison in 3 days! I'm super pumped. So much to do in so little time. Once I get there, though, there's so much fun stuff to check out!

Shopping- They've got so much shopping in Madison. Now, I can't afford anything, but I really wanna check out the malls, the shopping centers, and State Street. One place I really want to check out is Hobby Lobby, because I want to learn how to sew! I always see people in the most adorable dresses and skirts, but every time I look online, they're way too expensive for me.

Dining- Wisconsin is known for its cheese and drinking. While I can't drink yet, I want to check out the food! So many different places to eat downtown. And a lot of them are bars- go figure.

Parks- There are thousands of parks in Wisconsin. I want to find one that would be perfect for a Saturday picnic! There are also lakes, but I have yet to figure out how to get on the lake! I would love to go on a cute sailing trip.

Library- They've got a great library system, and I wanna get a library card as soon as I get to Madison. I also want to check out the book stores, including the one I visited during my interview called A Room of One's Own (I'm assuming based on Virginia Woolf's book?).

Farmer's Market- And other grocery things, but there seem to be a huge amount of farmer's markets in Madison. There'll be one the Saturday after I get there, and I'm excited to get some fresh produce! I've never actually bought anything at a farmer's market. :)

Theater- They're going to have Idina Menzel in November! But until then, I want to check out the free things going on in the theater this summer, as well as the Concerts at the Park, the Carnival, and a bunch of things that happen only in the summer! It's time to take advantage of my wonderful new city!

Chicago- Things that interest me in Chicago: Glee Live- I know that it's coming up in a week, but if I can, I'd like to check it out! I doubt it, but it's a dream :) Otherwise, I really want to go to Six Flags. Chicago also has some really awesome theater.

I'll also be taking piano lessons, so I'd like to see if there's a community center or somewhere to practice, since the school closes its practice rooms at 4pm during the summer! The school offers a ton of stuff that I want to check out, like dancing lessons and sailing lessons. Definitely taking advantage of that.

I'm just all out excited to be moving to a new place! Wish me luck :)

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