Sunday, May 02, 2010

Finals Week Schedule

Here's what I'm doing for finals week:


9:30 Turn in last English paper
9:45 Meeting to force add class
10:00 Meeting to discuss paper due Thursday
12:30 ITS exam
2:00 UPS store to return books
3:00 Work until 8pm
study for Latin final
11:30-? Last karaoke


8:00 Sightsinging exam
10:00 Meeting to discuss UA
11:00 Meeting to get excess credit hours
12:30 LAT exam
3:00 Work until 8pm
practice piano and work on theory paper
~10:00 hang out with Abby and Erin

8:00 Work until 3pm
3:30 collect key for apartment and pay for summer rent
4:00 meeting with Carolyn to practice piano for her
finish theory paper and practice piano


10:12 Piano Proficiency
11:00 Work until 3pm
3:00 Theory Paper Presentation
5:00 move things into apartment
~10:00 Mara's birthday party/Eric's birthday party

move into the apartment
chill with friends
miss the triple


Tim Parenti said...

Sounds like you've got an exciting week ahead. Best of luck!

Moria said...

Good luck with everything chica!!:D