Friday, May 14, 2010

The Ever So Daunting Grades

Short Story- A
This was definitely expected. I did well in the class.

Contemporary Fiction- A+
I got a litttle giddy at the + sign, since I had done so well in the class (most teachers don't put + either way).

Literary Marketplace- A-
I knew this was coming because of our group project. Too bad, I loved the class.

Fiction Workshop- A+
Another little giddy + sign!

International Studies- B+
For a ITS major class, I was very proud to get a B+ (I got all As on the papers, Bs on the exams).

Latin- A-
For doing absolutely nothing for this class, I'm very happy with this grade.

Choraliers- A
Yay to this awesome amazing class!

Sightsinging- A
I actually got a 99% in this class, so I wish I had the cute little + to prove it.

Piano- A-
I wish I had more time for this class this year, since Carolyn is such a good teacher.

Analysis- A
Boge loved my paper! YAY!

For taking on so much (25 credit hours on top of work and everything else I do), I'd say that this was pretty good. :D I'm still an A-/B+ student, from high school through college. Most people change. I guess I don't.

Semester GPA- 3.83
Overall GPA- 3.77


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You are nuts....but I'd say these grades are FANTASTIC. :)