Friday, February 19, 2010

Some Stories I've Been Writing

So we have to write a lot of stories for my 420 class. So here's a quick summary of some of the things I've written. These titles aren't really the titles, because I can't title anything. haha.

1. A Pink Marble- Basically about two friends, one rich girl, one poor guy, who have a play off in marbles. The boy wins with his lucky pink marble, even though the guys told him not to use it or the girls would make fun of the boys.

2. Fling- It's about a girl who ends up sleeping with a guy she doesn't know because she's angry with the world.

3. Talking Bacon- This is for my other English class. It's basically something absurd, and I love it.

4. Late Perfectionist- A girl is always late to her orchestra class, but in all other ways she's pretty much a perfectionist. Another "flaw" she has is that she likes her writing to be rough and random, instead of neat and orderly like the rest of her life.

5. Settlement- A girl (all of my stories are girls, it seems haha) gets pregnant and together with her best friend has to decide whether they should stop traveling like they've done their whole lives.

6. The Paint Stain- This story is really cute about an older sister who took care of her younger brother until he died of an unmentioned disease.

7. Kevin and Kyle- About the differences between twins and other's perceptions of how twins should be.

8. Defining Color- A girl with a tiny bit of synesthesia has her first day of school.

These are all the stories I can think of right now. I might have written more, and none of these are by any means complete or finished. They're all amazing, though :D


Moria said...

Those sound like some really fun stories =]

Tim Parenti said...

Seems like a couple of these are (loosely) based on your own experiences, perhaps? Clearly not all. But pretty clearly "some."

Lexi Elizabeth said...

Haha. The Late Perfectionist and the one about the twins is definitely based off my least sort of. Fling is something I could imagine myself doing if I weren't me. I have a best friend that's a boy, if that counts for pink marble. Settlement would be my fear if I ever did have kids. Talking bacon is not like me at all, neither is the paint stain. I really wish I had synesthesia though.