Friday, January 22, 2010

My Disastrous Attempt to Donate

So if you know me at all, you know that I've had problems donating. So I go to donate today, and I'm filling out the form. Now, this is a different company- Central Blood Bank is only a Pittsburgh thing.

So anyways, I got a shot 4 weeks ago, and Central Blood Bank told me it was going to be okay after 4 weeks, whereas the question on Community Blood Bank's asks for 8 weeks. So I get there and I'm like "Central Blood Bank says I'm okay" and they're like "Well, we're different." And so I start crying, because I really thought I was going to be able to donate. They let me call my mom and see if she knew what the shot was, so I finally got the information, but not after crying. haha. I think I scared her. She looked up my vaccine and found out that it was okay. So the tears went away. Then I did the whole health test thing, and I passed almost everything.

I've been anemic on and off since before college, so I was expecting that I might not be able to donate due to my iron count, but since I was still in the sensitive condition from just crying, I was still really upset when my blood didn't drop in the little bottle. She ran another test, through a different thing, and then put 38% on my paper, saying I could donate. Now, 38% is the lowest you can have of hemocrit (iron) to be able to donate. I JUST passed (or she lied and through my blood out after I donated).

So anyways, I donated, and since I weigh over 120, I can donate the full amount :D (Though Community Blood Bank lets you donate the whole amount anyways, but Central you don't a smaller amount under 120). My donation went well, and I felt fine afterward (usually I'm faint.)

So yay!

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Tim Parenti said...

My mother had trouble donating a few years back, too, but of course, Community Blood Bank called her 8 weeks later anyway!