Monday, December 28, 2009

Time to be the best

We spend our whole lives searching
to be the best, the strongest,
to understand our purpose.
Different skills, abilities, and strengths
lead us to the end
with success and happiness.

Everyone wants to get there faster,
be the best- the fastest.
Time is the most important,
it's a race to the top of the hill.
Climb the ladder, one step at a time,
jump a few steps to win.

But you miss out on the importance in life.
You have to see the world,
take time to take it all in.
It's a huge world out there,
so much to learn and so much to gain.
Take life one step at a time,
take it inch by inch.
To gain the skills to be number one,
you've got to slow down and learn
master and reflect.

You can be the best that you can be,
if you just take your time.


Tim Parenti said...

When you said that everyone "wants to get there faster", I could only think of the Pokémon Johto theme song. I'm sure that wasn't intentional, but it sure brightened my day!

Very uplifting poem, Andrea.

Lexi Elizabeth said...

Hahaha. I LOVE POKEMON! So obviously I did it on purpose! :-\ 'Cept that I only watched pokemon when it was in the beginning episodes (with only 150 pokemon). But I have heard that song before, so perhaps I subconsciously got it from that?