Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year's

So it's time to figure out how to make my life better. First, I need to figure out what's wrong with it in order to make it better. Some of my resolutions don't fit with my problems, and some of my problems are unsolvable, so it doesn't really match up, but you get the picture.

1. Loneliness. One thing I've been going through ever since being single is this awful feeling of loneliness. I feel like I can't be loved, and that no one actually cares for me.

2. Time Management. Last semester, I really struggled with time management in the beginning. I got a hang of it later on, but I really struggled to begin with.

3. Family. I feel very disconnected with my family.

4. Friends. I also feel very disconnected with my friends.

5. Remembering my ID card/phone. I really need to figure out a way to fix this.

6. Practicing. I will be in voice lessons, flute lessons, piano class, and steel band next semester.

7. Pessimism. I need to learn to be optimistic.

1. Email friends and family every single day. Pick one person a day to email just to say "hey how's it going?" If I don't know their email address, facebook, phone, or any other way of contacting them will be just fine. This will work best if I do it at the same time every day, so I think I will do it every night just before going to bed.

2. Make weekly lunch plans. I am able to have lunch on Wednesdays with someone, so each week I will try to find someone available for that time to eat with. It might end up being the same person each week, but I really want to fill in that time for really getting to know people. In order to successfully do this, I want to be able to contact them on Sunday to ask if they want to, then remind them Tuesday night.

3. Organize daily. Keep my room clean. I will start by cleaning it when I get back to school. Then, every night before I go to bed, my room must be cleaned. If I keep up with this daily, it shouldn't turn into a problem. In fact, I have a list of things to do before I go to bed that I'm going to post on my desk that I will have to (mentally) check off every single night. Obviously, this doesn't apply to nights I sleep over people's houses, but then that means double work the next night.

4. Compliment myself daily. I will keep a daily notebook where I will write one new compliment to myself each day. I don't want to designate a specific time for this, since I could come up with something at a different point each day, but I will add to my nightly check list to make sure I did this at some point during the day. I really hope to have 365 happy thoughts about myself at the end of the year...

5. Practice at least an hour every day total, with the exception of Thursdays, which is my busiest day. I tried practicing an hour on flute, a half hour on piano every day last semester, and it was just way too much, and I ended up not practicing at all. I have time where I can practice an hour a day if I really focus and put my energy into it. To practice better, though, I'm going to take time on Thursday to write a practice checklist for the week, and focus on that.

6. Keep up the good work I've been doing with my planner. It's really helped me this semester keep track of everything I do. Since I work a lot and my schedule is very flexible, I really need to work on keeping it all organized. I did a VERY good job last semester, so my resolution is to keep doing a good job :D

7. Get closer to people. There are so many people that I know, but there are so few people that I actually know very well. I really want to take the time to get to know everyone a lot better. I'm really not sure the best way to do this, so I'm not sure it's possible. I just need to hope that the year brings me closer to people.

8. Find time to write. This isn't going to happen, but it's really nice to dream. *sigh*

Here's my Nightly Checklist:

*Brush teeth
*Do dishes
*Put dirty clothes in hamper
*Put shoes in shoe rack
*Put ID in bag
*Organize books for next day
*Put aside clothes for the next day
*Email/facebook someone special
*Daily compliment?

I have so many things I want to do to better myself, that it's really hard to keep it to just resolutions. I hope I can find new ways throughout the year to better myself. Of course I will blog about them, but at the moment, I'll do what I can.


Tim Parenti said...

You might appreciate this post I found about rethinking resolutions. It might make tackling all of these seem a bit easier.

I wish you good luck in yours, as I try to do well with mine!

Moria said...

I like that you changed it up this year and stated your problems first, and then found a way to fix each one:)

Janelaine said...

darling! these are excellent resolutions! I wish you luck with all of them. The best advice I can give is that the clock stroke at midnight didn't make you a perfect person, so be patient with yourself as you try to begin with all these plans for betterment. Don't be afraid to get back up if you fall! I know you'll do great.

Janelaine said...

ps. "doutica" as a verification code? sounds like a little island where people have trouble believing in themselves! hahahaha sorry i'm a huge ninny...