Thursday, August 13, 2009

OMG College in a couple days

So I realize I haven't really blogged that much this month. I've just been tired. Today I saw Jon Hall and had an absolute blast. I even gave him a song to audition with. Hopefully he uses it. That would make my life. It's, obviously, that Run Away with Me song. He's auditioning for Musical Theatre major (I told him to go to the University of Michigan, but we'll see where he actually goes...haha). But he's also really good at acting, and he's going to be auditioning for acting as a back up, so this song is perfect for acting. So, I'm really excited for him. I also gave him my Bare CDs, which means I have to burn new ones for myself...haha. So I'm making Jon Hall my PotW :D

I'm going to be so busy at college this year. Like mega busy. I made a huge list of everything I'm going to be doing at college, and so far I have a list of 90 things. (WHOA!) haha. But some of it is like "Facebooking", so it isn't completely legit. But still, I'm going to be doing a lot of stuff. Sleeping is NOT one of the things on the list. haha. But I have 20 credits, doing like, 7 activities, working (hopefully) 20 hours, and having sooo much fun. It's pretty much going to be perfect. :D


Moria said...

thats cool you got to see Jon Hall. I miss him a lot:p And I'm glad you're going to get to go back to school:)

Tim Parenti said...

Have a great year!