Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Poetic Song (without music)

Empty Water Bottle

My song starts in two minutes,
and my throat is burning.
You know, that tingling feeling you feel
when your throat starts its yearning.
I search the dressing room,
below my mirror and the closet top.
I found my bottle of water,
But to my dismay, there wasn't a drop.
And I have to sing in two minutes,
and my throat is as dry as sand.
I need a water fountain,
or I won't be able to stand.
So I search the darkened hallways,
and I finally find a bathroom sink.
I sigh with relief, turn the faucet on
only to see the water was PINK! Ugh
Now with less than a minute to go,
and no water for my throat,
I know there's no turning back now,
I have to hit every single note!
While my throat is dry,
when no sound wants to come out,
I'll get on that stage, give them everything!
Belting and belting and attempting to shout!
I walk up to the curtain,
thirty seconds to go.
My manager quickly hands me a glad,
and wishes me luck for my show.


1 comment:

Moria said...

So i liked this:) It's so random and out there that it's cool:p