Saturday, July 18, 2009

College Friends and Activities

Brandi- We're going for 6am walk/runs every morning (she's going to make me get up, so it's really gonna happen...haha hopefully.) I really need to get in shape. I feel awful. It isn't good for me.
-We're also going to practice piano as much as possible. We both have this huge desire to learn piano. And she's good with the songs and the sightreading and stuff while I understand the scales and chord progressions better. Well, did. I'll definitely have to get into practicing again. haha. That's what the week before college starts is for!

Kim- We're doing zumba together, Mondays and Wednesdays? I don't know when, but we're doing it twice a week. It's going to be so much fun. If anyone wants to join, please come! It's going to be incredible. I think we're also going to take afternoon walks together? I love the idea of taking walks, haha.

Rob- Rob Murrison is going to take me to poetry things. Basically a bunch of English stuff. I'm really excited for this, because I really want to get ingrained into the English department. He's a senior, so he has so much more knowledge in the English department, and so I'm really hoping to learn a lot from him.

Timothy Lucas- We're still doing ice creaming Wednesdays and Sundays. haha. At least, I hope so, 'cause that's my plan. We're also walking together. I really hope we can do a ton of other things together, too. I love my best friend <3

The Quad- I think that we should, as a quad (or whatever we have haha), do Sunday brunches (I'm going to try to, with my work schedule, not work Sunday mornings. I'm not sure how the work scheduling works, but I really don't want to work Sunday mornings. haha.)

Jackie- She told me about this a long time ago, so I don't know if it's still happening, but we're going to do a workshop club. I'd really be all for it, so I really hope it's going to happen.

Armond- He's going to teach me jazz. I mean, he says he is. We'll see if it actually happens, but I'd be in love if he did.

Luke Tyler- He might be able to give me private piano lessons. I would be thrilled if he could. Neither of us know our schedules yet, so we won't be able to figure it out until college starts, but I'm hoping it happens.

I'm also going to do the ∆O Broomball team. I love broomball and I love DO. I also want to do the DO FUMA broomball.

Erin Semple, Kori Hill, Luke and I are still going to try writing our song for our quartet. All of us are so busy, but we all have such passion for music, so we're definitely trying for this. Again, we can't figure out a time until all of us know our schedules, and since none of us know anything yet, we won't be able to figure this out until college starts.

Steel Band- I'm still going to be doing Steel Band :D T-R really late at night. haha.

Matt Levy- Matt works for the recording system at Miami- he records the senior recitals and such. He's going to help me go through recording songs that I write for my musical (or just songs I write) so that I can create a CD and submit it to contests and festivals. I'm forever grateful for this, because he really doesn't have to do this. But I guess that means I need to start writing! haha.

I still don't know my class schedule, but once I get it figured out, I'll tell all of you! There are some classes I definitely know, and then even more that I don't know...

This is basically what I have so far...though there are things listed after this (as in Steel Band and working Monday nights), but it doesn't fit on my computer screen to take a picture of it.

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Moria said...

so I'm way jealous of all the fun stuff in your schedule:P