Friday, June 12, 2009

Some Amazing Musical Stars

So since I've had nothing to do all summer, I've been youtubing a ton of favorite songs and things. And I've discovered a love for some amazing singers.

The first one is Natalie Weiss. I had been youtubing Piece the Musical by Scott Alan and I have absolutely fallen in love with this girl. I think her best song might be I'm a Star (by Scott Alan) or Quiet (by Jonathan Geault (sp??)). Those two songs are absolutely amazing.

The second star is Michael Arden. Kerrigan and Lowdermilk are my new favorite musical writers, and they have this song "Run Away with me" that Michael Arden sings. It's like love. I can't even describe in words how I feel about that video. He also did Bare, which he was amazing in.

Another person who sings "Run Away with Me" is Aaron Tviet. He's really good, too. He's also in Next To Normal, another really, really good musical. He's young and has so much going for him, not to mention good looking.

So um, that's just my little plug for the day. haha. They're really amazing, and all three are going to be just as famous as Kristin Chenoweth one day...or well, maybe not? haha. But I like all three.

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