Wednesday, June 03, 2009

So, I still can't drive.

I didn't pass my test. The two things I did wrong were not know where the high beams were. *facepalm for stupidity* I also didn't know you were supposed to, when turning left onto a two lane highway/road, turn into the left hand lane only, then go into the right hand lane. I just assumed that I should go into the right hand lane so that I wasn't in the "passing" lane. So fail on my part.


Janelaine said...

oh boooo. driving tests suck.

Tim said...

Yeah, I didn't pass my first time either. My driver education teacher never said anything about pulling into the closest lane, and so when I took an in-car course, the instructor yelled at me a few times. But in retrospect, it does make sense to always turn into the closest lane. It's just not always convenient.