Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Liz Pegg and our adventures

So Liz Pegg and I have hung out every day since last Sunday. Last Sunday we went to swimming in the cold water. haha. Then Monday we went to the fair with Kerry Jo and rode the ferris wheel. Tuesday we went to Eat N Park and met this crazy lady. hahaha. Wednesday we went to Giant Eagle and ate yogurt while sleeping on the couch. haha. Thursday night we had a NextToNormal sleepover which led into Friday obviously. Saturday we hung out for like five minutes while we went to the fair to buy books and then to Wendy's and waited in line for like a thousand years before getting our food. Then we picked up Jamall and she dropped me off so that I could go home while she went to get drunk. Sunday night we hung out at Giant Eagle again as she told me a great story. Tonight we ate ice cream with Kerry Jo and then went to Oakland to write a musical about Liz Pegg's recent story with Chris Cunningham.

And that's the story. haha.

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Tim said...

Nice that you have such friends. What fair did you guys go to?