Friday, June 05, 2009

Books I've Read This Summer/ Am Reading

This is a really short list, considering I'm taking four summer classes and I have to work and friend obligations, but I thought I'd inform you of my readings anyways.

Romance Novels: I've read a few romance novels this summer (who can blame me, I'm a girl), but none of them seem really interesting anymore. I don't know why, but I spend most of the book criticizing the plot or the character development or something about the story that I don't like. I think my workshop class caused me to look at fiction more critically, and since we focused on good literature, I now can't stand romance novels. Though, I still like the idea of a romance novel, because again, I'm a girl. haha.

The Life of Pi was actually a really good book. It interested me because this boy should have been completely unbelievable, and yet I couldn't help but believe every single word he said. I would recommend this book to anyone. In fact, I have. I let Liz's friend Steven borrow it. haha.

The Hole was an interesting book. I felt like it could have been a lot better written to add a whole lot more suspense, especially since it claims to be a novel of psychological suspense. The only part I found incredibly interesting was the epilogue. And the story line between Liz and Mike. Liz said it was her favorite book, so I borrowed it, and it was definitely a good read and I'm glad I read it, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it.

I'm currently reading this book, and I really like it. I love James Joyce's writing because it's so different from what I normally read. But so far, I really like it. It's kind of hard to get into at first, and I'm still really confused about the boy's age, but other than that, it's really good!

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Good to see that you keep reading!