Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer Classes

So I'm taking four summer classes. I need to get a C in all of them for the credits to transfer (the grade doesn't transfer).

Calculus: We just got our first test back. I got an A. That's my only grade so far.
History: 56/60 on quiz, 19/20 on assignment.
Physics: I missed a homework assignment. Other than that, perfect.
Psychology: 70% on the first test. I sort of didn't study at all. haha.

So, Calculus is probably my most boring class. I sleep almost every day. I feel bad, but it's so pointless to be there! There's another girl from Miami in my class. She's already skipped two days. :-\

History is my favorite class. I just love it so much. I can feel it, you know? I could never see it before.

Physics: If I hadn't already had physics, this class would be great. Unfortunately, I already know all of this stuff.

Psychology: Well, whatever. I can't teach myself anything. haha. We'll see for next time.

My least favorite part about summer classes is the time they take. They take up sooo much time. I can't even stand it. Once these six weeks are over, I won't know what to do with my time, but at the same time, I don't want to be wasting my summer away with these classes. At least that means I won't have to take them when I'm at Miami. Right? That's the plan.


Moria said...

hey at least the classes aren't going for the WHOLE summer....that'd be torture for you.

Tim said...

Yeah, six weeks is pretty manageable from my experience. Yes, it's intense, but it will save you on your courseload when you return in the fall.