Monday, May 11, 2009

Coninuation of Spring Semester, part 5 for college memories

2. Ridiculous amount of classes Part 2
---->Shakespeare Class.
  • Chris.
  • The purple laptop.
  • Being the only freshman.
  • Long discussions about the history of England.
  • Taming of the shrew.
  • Not doing my homework.
  • Lauren.
  • Skipping.
  • Those videos.
  • Learning more than I thought I would.
----> Fiction Class
  • The seats in Peabody.
  • The Yellow book.
  • How Bates sits in chairs.
  • Jeff.
  • Jackie and her wonderfulness
  • Only a quarter of the people ever showing up
  • Misty
  • little group get-togethers.
  • Taking three hours to edit/critique people's stories.
  • The shock of the 60 page story.
  • Getting some really good ideas from people.
  • Learning that you can twist any story to be good.
  • taking the bus.
  • Dreaming up stories.
  • Naptime.
  • Not sitting in the same seat every day.
  • writing skipper.
  • editing skipper.
  • more editing skipper.
  • still editing skipper.
---->Journalism Class
  • Doing a thousand reading assignments.
  • The Wire.
  • My table.
  • Being very liberal with all the controversial stuff we did.
  • Also being very conservative
  • The insider.
  • Radio talks, movies, and video clips.
  • Not taking the last test.
  • Emily Imes <3>
  • Sitting outside to work.
  • Tobin breaking his finger.
  • Journalism in an hour (one of the few things I liked about the class)
  • realizing I don't want to be a journalism major.
----> Poetry Class
  • Changing rooms every other day.
  • Buying one of the two ridiculously large books.
  • Online discussion boards.
  • Jenni Patton.
  • Facebooking.
  • Wikipedia.
  • Doing the same things that we did in creative writing class.
  • Having the same teacher that I had in creative writing class.
  • Never having class.
  • Skipping for the steel band concert.
  • Skipping for the piano forum.
3. My weekends. weekend I worked the Phi Delt Gates for DO. That was way fun. And cold.
-There was the weekend of the combined chorus concerts (whooooot!) and the bicentennial ball. Jay came to that one. We danced and had fun and everything was happy.
-The overnight with DO. That was a GREAT weekend.
-One weekend we got sung to by FUMA. Actually, I think that's happened twice now.
-There was the weekend I partied without Luke. I liked that weekend a lot.
-Luke and I went to RENT that one weekend. That was superly fun.
-I went home to see Music Man at Bethel.
-I spent a lot of time sleeping, practicing, working, and doing nothing.
-I went to the CSO with Erin and Kori. Yay.
-DO Game Night and all that musical stuff was that same weekend.
-I love parties with the band.
-I love parties at the John's.
-We took Emily to a party once.

4. Spring Break
I spent spring break at Katie's. I like her family lots and I thought it was really fun. Next year, though, I want to go on a real spring break. With Luke. To NYC. Or maybe someplace else. But either way, I want to go some place. But I think going to Katie's was a really good first choice.

5. Hair
I got my hair cut a lot this year. I didn't get it cut at all in high school except for the first day before orientation. Or maybe in sophomore year or something. But it grew out really long. And I liked it long. But I love it short. I've had various short lengths this year, but they've all been fun.

6. Persuasion
Luke and I love persuading people to do things. We've persuaded Emily to go to a party. We had to get Katie to go, too, but Katie is obviously easier to convince. Then we persuaded Shanna to go on a midnight walk before her 8am class. We plan on doing a lot more persuasions in the future :D

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Tim said...

New York City is awesome in March. And it seems like our spring breaks coincide this coming year (7-14 March 2010). Perhaps if you come to NYC later in the week, we could meet up (depending on how Pitt basketball does).