Monday, April 06, 2009


This weekend was absolutely amazing. Friday, I had theory at 8am. Afterwards, Alex, Teresa and I went to Scott for breakfast. Then we sat at the proctor's table watching videos and giving back massages until noon when I had my quartet. We got a lot done on our song, which is highly unusual. I think we're more creative when Luke isn't there, or maybe we're just more okay with things. haha. I had phsyics at 2. Then I went to a poetry thing at like 4 where these people theatrically acted out poems. It was pretty interesting. The Steel Band concert was at 8, where I sat near Erin and Jenni, listening to amazingness. The party afterwards was great. We sober folk sat and played Euchre, which ended up going really well. I won with Dan Brackbill, but lost against Luke Brinkman and Peter Boyer when I played with some drunk girl. :-\

Saturday, I woke up at 9 to go to brunch with Emily Huber, since we haven't hung out in absolutely forever. Afterwards I practiced for a little bit before going to work. After work, Kori Hill and Erin Semple and I all went to Cincinnati to go to the CSO. Nadja Salero-Sonnenberg was the guest artist violin player and it was aboslutely beautiful. She played the seasons of Buenos Aires. She is really, really crazy good. After that, we came back to Miami. I went with Luke Brinkman to the blacklight party and it was even better than the Steel Band party. I ended up writing crazy stuff all over people, mostly Shannon, since she wrote "Hottie" on my neck/chest area, causing many drunk boys to comment on it. (Talk about awkward).

Sunday, I woke up at 9 to work from 10-2. After work, I read Shakespeare until 2:30, then practiced flute from 2:30-4, which I think is a pretty good amount? I dunno. It actually felt pretty short of a time for practicing. I read Shakespeare again until 5:30, when I went to dinner with Luke (Williams). Then I had ice cream with Zoe before practicing with Erin for our Steel band concert on Tuesday. Our DO meeting went really well; we took group pictures and stuff. Afterwards, I talked to Emily Venneman and Whitney Locke before going and practicing piano for about an hour. I got a lot of stuff done yesterday, which makes me really really happy.

So now it's today. And while the weather sucks, it seems like it's going to be a good day. Jazz Band concert tonight. Steel Band on Tuesday. Rent in Chicago this weekend! I'm excited.

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