Thursday, April 02, 2009

Stolen from facebook! (a note I wrote)

Love is so precious. Like, its a miracle to even be alive. Thinking of this, I know I want to take advantage of every second I have. Unfortunately, I rarely do this. Today, I was supposed to practice and read all of Shakespeare, but instead I went to the library and checked out some books, then came home and facebooked and read fmylife. Then my mommy signed on and she and I chatted for a bit. Now I'm still up, wide awake actually. I kind of want to go to the CPA and practice. If I didn't absolutely despise the dark, I would. In fact, I still might. What can happen on a Wednesday night?

I do take advantage of college in different ways than most people. Most people join these very academic organizations that'll look great on resumes, not to mention are fun and amazing. I instead take 22 credit hours, only 15 of which are counting towards requirements to graduate. Shakespeare class, Fiction class, and Intro to Poetry class all count towards my major, Creative Writing. Then classes for my minor, Music Composition, are Music Theory and Sightsinging. The other class I have that counts towards Miami Plan is Physics for Music. Then, which sort of counts, I'm taking Honors Journalism. This counts for an honors credit, which goes towards my scholars scholarship. I am then taking Piano class, Flute Lessons and Studio, and Steel Band. These classes count towards broadening my knowledge of music and performance of different kinds of music. Funny enough, these are the three classes I enjoy the most and get the most out of. I wish I had more time to practice for all of them, but like I said, I don't do what I should.

I really want to do a lot more with the music department. Next semester, I'm going to try to add choir. In fact, this summer, I am going to try to take voice lessons so that I can make it into choir, unlike this year. I am actually taking classes this summer so that I have more free time during the school year to take these classes. I want to take methods classes sometime while at Miami. I mean, technically I want to become a BA in music and take all of the music classes I can while I am here. Take advantage, you know? But if that doesn't end up happening, I still want to end up taking at least brass and string methods. I'm already taking piano class, I know most of the woodwind instruments, and I can sing well enough that I don't need any of those methods classes. I would love to take percussion, but if I could only pick two, they'd be brass and string.

Another thing I am interested in doing is adding a Theater Thematic Sequence. I want to write musicals, as well as stories and such, and the one thing I don't have to round out my experience and ability to write them is a theater background. The thematic sequence is perfect because it has introduction to theater classes and then two classes discussing the history of musical theater, US and World. I am excited for both of these because I feel like they will help me out a lot in the background works of theater.

I also want to get my driver's license. I know it won't help anything unless I make enough money to own a car, but I always feel so bad when my mom has to drive out and get me and then drive back. My biggest problem is that I don't feel confident driving by myself (though when do I ever feel confident doing anything by myself?), plus I can't park. To save my life, I can't park. But either way, I'd love to get my driver's license this summer.

I also want to go to New York. My mom says we're most likely going to be able to, even if we end up living in the van as we go see broadway shows. That's what I want to do. Since my dream is to one day write the shows that will perform on those stages, I think it's the perfect opportunity to go and explore. I might even try to see if I can find people I can talk to about the career and such. Ohhh the possibilities. Of course, I would want to bring my friend, Timothy Lucas, who is a BA in Composition and a Performance Major in Piano (I know, sounds so much cooler than my wimpy Creative Writing major, right?) :-P Either way, I think it would be fun for both of us to explore New York. :D

One thing I want to do next semester is work more. I mean, I work 12 hours this semester and it definitely affects me during the week, but hopefully I'll try to get more weekend hours to even it out. I'm really hoping to work Sunday's from 10-6, because otherwise, I end up sleeping until 2 and doing absolutely nothing. I also might work Monday and Thursday nights so that'll leave me the other nights open to hang out with Luke, since this semester, I seem to be busy whenever he isn't, and he's busy when I'm not. Though, I might do Steel Band, so maybe just Monday nights? Haha. I honestly don't know what my schedule is going to look like next semester at all. I have so many classes I have to take, want to take, and don't care to take at all. I need to take Latin sometime, as well as an honors class. Other than that and the music requirements, I really don't have anything I need to take, but I do want to take a lot. I would love to get started on my theater stuff starting next semester. I'm not sure if that's going to happen though. In fact, I would be on it not working out. But we'll see. :-\ I know Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to be class heavy again, which I'm not looking forward to, so we'll see how that goes. I just hate being last to register. It just sucks because there's so much I wish I could take.

Sorry this is a really long rant, and no one should read it, I just had nothing better to do (well, besides sleep) and so I thought I'd type a bunch of stuff that is going through my head right now.

My weekend is kind of crazy, but I'm excited. It really starts tomorrow. At 8pm, there is a Poetry reading that I'm required to go to by two of my classes. Then I'm pretty much practicing my heart out. Friday, I have theory class (woop woop). Then I have two hours to write my journalism essay, or at least create some sort of outline and opinion for it. Then I have a meeting with the theater department. That will be really, really exciting, I think. After that, I have quartet practice, minus Luke (as usual). I'm really hoping Kori and Erin show up on time so we can work on our song. I feel like we're really slacking with what we could already have. Then I have two more Latina Festival events I need to go to. After that, at 8pm is the Steel Band concert. I'm kind of excited to hear people that are actually amazing at Steel Band, considering my skills aren't that great. There's a steel band party afterwards that I'm hoping to go to (maybe with Erin? yes!) Then Saturday, Emily is going to brunch with me at 10 because I haven't seen her in a million years. Yes, a million years! Then work 12-4pm. Afterwards, Kori is taking me to Cincinnati for the orchestra :D :D :D. I'm very excited. If we get back in time, which I really don't care about but if possible, I might go to the blacklight party. Just to check it out. Sunday, I work 10am-2pm before I practice for forever and do homework for forever. I have my Delta Omicron meeting at 8pm and then a special surprise for after the meeting that I'm really excited about!

The next couple of weekends are busy, too, although Luke fails at doing anything. He was supposed to get bus tickets and Rent tickets for Chicago if they're even still available. But if we do end up getting to go to that, that's going on that weekend, which is way exciting. Then the weekend after that is DO/FUMA game night, Glee Club concert, and Spotlight :D It's a very musical weekend, which excites me. The 25th of April, I am going to go see Jay Benze. That's even more exciting. I haven't seen him since Thursday, which is really recently compared to how often I usually see him, but I miss him more than anyone ever. The weekend after that is the weekend before finals. Whoa. Whoa whoa whoa guess what that means?!?! :D Luke knows ;-)

I'm really hoping that this semester helps me to find out who I am. I know I really want to try to get a BA in music, something I would've never considered before coming here and finally getting hit on the head being like "duh Andrea, you like music." I mean, who does Musical, band, chorus, and marching band for four years and not realize this? Oh well. haha. This makes me really want to go practice so that I can get better, but at 2am, I'm very VERY skeptical of the outside world. So maybe I'll just leave here and go practice before Sightsinging class. Ohh that idea I like. Though, once I go to bed, I won't want to wake up. haha. Fail. Whatever.

On that note, I'm going to go to bed.

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