Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Break so Far

I've been at Katie's house since around 6:15pm on Friday, March 6th. That night we watched a movie: Shakespeare in Love. I actually really liked it. Then Saturday, we went to Katie's work, where I did a lot of facebooking and napping and listening to music. Yay for music :D And napping :D. We then went shopping with Katie's mommy, where we went first to Sam's club and bought the entire store, then went to Bigg's and bought the entire store there as well. Katie is from a family of 6 kids, so they apparently go through a lot of food in a week. I can only imagine. While out shopping, we bought Australia, which Katie and I took two nights to watch, due to its very, very long length. Butt it was very, very good and I approve of it muchly.

Sunday we went to church. She's catholic, so it was very lent-oriented (meaning that all the songs were very depressing). After church we all ate lots of snack food. It was crazy. Like, our family would never all snack together. Then we went to Katie's aunt's house for like three hours. She has like a mini farm, but only like sheep, horses, and lots of land kind of farm. Oh, and chickens that lay green eggs. So that was fun. Then we had dinner, which was chicken and it was wayyyy good. Monday, I woke up around 11, then Katie and I went shopping (but didn't get much since they tax clothing in Ohio (weird)). Then we came back and finished watching What about Bob, since we started it yesterday at her aunt's house. We also attempted to exercise, meaning Katie exercised while I stretched. I fail at this whole getting into shape thing. Last night we watched the disney version of the Three Musketeer's, which I actually really liked.

And now we're at Panara's. Yay. I miss internet a lot because Katie's house doesn't have it. Though, I guess, we're getting along mostly fine without it.

Katie's younger sisters, Marianne and Megan, are going to be my persons of the week. Because they're awesome.

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Moria said...

sounds like you had a blast:D Let me know when you are home again, and we have to find a time to hang out:p