Saturday, January 03, 2009

List #1 States I've Been To

1. Pennsylvania- Obviously I've live here.
2. Ohio- I go to school here.
3. Florida- Disney and my grandparents.
4. South Carolina- Family and Myrtle Beach.
5. West Virginia- Mission Trip
6. New York- girl scouts (NYC) and leisure (somewhere near Erie)
7. Illinois- Chicago Band Trip.
8. Indiana- Canoe Trip.

So as you can see, I have not been to very many states. 8 out of 50? That's 16%! So maybe this summer, I should go on a road trip and start discovering some new states....


Moria said...

hehe i'll totally come with you i love sightseeing and visiting new states:p

Tim said...

Leisure in New York state, near Erie? Probably something like Chautauqua.

And I only know how to spell that because I thought of the mnemonic "chow-tow-COO-ah" many years ago.