Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oh no- final grades.

So here they are:

Plants, Humanity, and Environment= B
Advanced College Composition= A
Intro to Fiction= B+
Intro to Creative Writing: Short Fiction and Poetry= A
Theory of Music= A
Marching Band= A
Recital Requirement= Y
Sightsinging and Dictation= A
Great Ideas in Western Music= A-

GPA= 3.7

I was most surprised about the Sightsinging and Dictation, because when I calculated my grade based on my tests and quizzes, I should've gotten a B+, so I don't know if I just did my calculations wrong or if she did, but I'm really happily surprised I got an A in the class.

I'm also surprised I got an A- on the Music History (GIWM) class because I should've gotten an A, unless I did something horribly wrong on the final, which I thought I did fine on.

I wasn't sure what my Intro to Fiction grade would be at all, but I had gotten B+ on both big papers, which was like 50% of our grade, I have no idea how I did on the final, I did okay on the quizzes, my presentations all seemed to go well, and I participated more than 99% of the class (meaning only 1 person participated more than I did), so I guess I was sort of expecting an A or at least A-, but I guess a B+ makes sense. It's just sort of disappointing.

Botany was a big let down. His exams were next to impossible. My one friend took AP Biology and still only got a B+ in the class. So I was sort of expecting such a low grade for this one, but I was pushing for the B+, not a B. But still, I did bring my grade up from a 78% to an 86% from the first exam, so that must mean something?

I don't know what Y means for the recital requirement. I didn't do it, so I know I didn't get credit, but it still confuses me because the only thing Y can stand for that I can think of is Yes? Well, whatever.

My GPA is a 3.7. I think that's okay for my first semester? I mean, I only need a 3.2 to graduate, so I think it helps that this is above a 3.2 to start with. Next semester, I hope I can do better in my nonmajorminor classes, like botany was here.

Oh, my current GPA for my major, including Intro to Fiction and Intro to Creative Writing, which were a B+ and an A respectively, is a 3.65. I think you need a 3.5 to graduate with honors in your major, plus some extra classes, so as long as I can keep that up, I'll be great :D

Also, since I have a GPA that's pretty high (well, I wish I could've gotten a 4.0, but that's pushing it), I'm going to apply for honors next semester. This semester the only reason I didn't was because I wasn't close enough to any teachers, but I'm having a couple of repeated teachers this semester that I might end up getting to know better and therefore they can fill the recommendation letter for me :D.


Tim said...

Sorry, I'm so behind on reading blogs, but this is where Google Reader tells me I left off.

Great grades! Don't get too down on those classes that aren't in your major or minor. While you should always strive to do well in them, a solid B is still quite respectable for a class that focuses on something you don't want to do with your life.

Tim said...

By the way, a simple search on for "y grades" gave me the answer to your Y grade conundrum.

Many schools have special single-letter codes for credit/non-credit courses, incompletes, special statuses, etc. For example, incomplete's at Pitt are notated as G, rather than the I used at MU (don't ask me why; they just are).

According to this page, Y refers to "[n]o credit in a credit/no-credit course". Ideally, you'd want an X, which is "credit in a course taken credit/no-credit in which a grade of C or better was earned".

Both definitions refer to Section 01.208 (now called 1.2.H) of your Student Handbook, available online here.

See? I'm not even a student there... You just have to know where to look!

And now you know!