Saturday, November 08, 2008

Life, since I haven't udpated in a while

Life is pretty busy, I'm not gonna lie. I work a lot, I sleep very little, and I never have time for fun.

But my nano writing is going alright. I'm behind a couple days, but I can catch up very easily (?) haha.

I actually don't really have time to do much.

Katie Robison is person of the week (or two or three) because she helps me with life.

The end.


Tim said...

Let's see... today's the 10th, so you should have 16,667 words by the end of the day. You have 12,185.

You have a few options:

-Write 4,482 words tonight to catch up.
-Write 1,801 words for each of the remaining 21 days instead of the normal 1,667.

I'd advise the second option, aiming above 1,801, because if you skip a day between now and 30 November, that figure goes up by 90. Skip three and you'll have to aim well above 2,000 to keep up.

I wish you luck and perseverance.


Lexi Elizabeth said...

well, so far i've written 1,079 words tonight. haha. That's not very close to 4,482, or even 1,801. Fail.

We have a write in tomorrow night, so hopefully that'll get me back up.