Sunday, October 12, 2008


This is the only class I am taking that is not english or music. And it is the class that I'm not going to get an A in.

We've had a possible 232 points so far in the lecture portion of Botany. I only have 184. That gives me a 79.3% (a C+, or a 2.7). In discussion, we've had a possible 35 points, I only have 28 points (80%). Our discussion class will end up being 25% of our grade while the lecture grades will be 55%, giving the final exam 20%. I cannot afford to miss even a single point from now until after finals if I want to get a B in the class.

It sucks.

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Tim said...

At least it's not in your major... Everyone has a bad class or two. I'm confident you'll be able to move on from this experience just fine.

But keep studying... you might surprise yourself yet!