Friday, September 05, 2008


So, I left for school almost 3 weeks ago. It feels like I've been here a lifetime. This is definitely the place I belong. I started out with marching band, which was painful to say the least, but I've made so many friends and met so many people through that, so it was worth it. I have these great roommates who have the same sense of humor as I do, and forgive me for never being here. I already have a piano boy who plays wondrous, Godly music and sings songs to me. (He also helps me with homework!) I don't know what I would've done without this place. I've gone to the gym four times now. I want to go back more. I have a new sense of beauty and love as I wander the campus. My classes are amazing.

MUS 101- I'm a little bit slow at coming up with the answers, but with Luke's help, I'm learning some really cool ways of figuring it out.
MUS 151- Yeah, so this class basically rocks. It's sightsinging and dictation. My two favorite things back in high school.
MUS 189- I've always loved how others could listen to music and figure out the meter, style, time period, etc just from listening to a piece. Well, guess what? That's what we get to do in this class! I'm really bad at it now, but I'm sure with practice I will learn very quickly :D
ENG 113- I really like the people in this class, because we're all talkative and we're all smart (hence why it's honors english). The tension is great because we all don't want to be there (hence why we tried to get out of 111), but we all know that doing our work is mandatory.
ENG 124- This class is full of debating. We're just working on setting right now, character next week, but it seems like everyone (40 people) want to have a say on what they believe is important to the setting, etc. If it were a smaller class, I feel like I would be in love instantly with it.
ENG 226- This is my absolute favorite class. I wish it met every single day. We meet and we have groups. The people in my group are amazing because we all love the exercises he makes us do even when the rest of the class doesn't. We had one assignment the other day to write on the board whatever words came to mind. Our group wrote about 50 words, other groups maybe got 10 or 20. Then he said write down all of the words. The other groups hated us. One girl dropped out of the class, and my whole group was like "OMG THIS IS THE BEST CLASS! WHY WOULD YOU DROP?!" It was great. The best part? I'm a freshman in a sophomore class with an entirely sophomore group, and yet they all accept me.
BOT 131- Blah, this class is boring. Our group for discussion is called JaMane (it's chinese and this is completely phonetic.) It means Sexy (or beautiful/sweet/lovely) Girls. :D So that's kind of exciting. haha.

I wish I could add more classes to my schedule. Maybe another English one. Or possibly education. haha. With the classes I am taking, I'm not getting much homework, so I have plenty of time to party, listen to piano, get ice cream, go to the gym, and do tons of stuff I wouldn't normally be able to do in high school. I've applied for a couple jobs, but most places are like "Sorry, your schedule doesn't work with ours. Try next semester." Which saddens me, because I do have a busy schedule, and I know it's hard to work with, but even the food places are turning me down! :'( Right now I'm waiting to here back from AmericaReads. I'm actually really looking forward to this if I get it- I can teach younger kids to learn to love reading. How amazing would that be?!?! I would have to do it during the day Tuesday/Thursday, so no more playing around, but I still have nights to myself (If I get it, of course)

I have to get ready for school though, haha. I've got theory now.


Moria said...

Your classes sound fun. I think it's awesome how you basically will end up going through college taking almost all music and writing classes:p lucky!!:)

Tim said...

Glad you're having a wonderful time at college!