Monday, August 04, 2008

Off to College

So, for some reason I was just facebooking and I felt the need to write something and I was like "but I don't write facbeook notes." and then i remembered i had this thing. Which is really funny, because when I went to the site, I was already signed in, and it really confused me. But no worries, my computer is not a genius, I was just signed into my google account earlier for my calendar.

So I'm off to college in less than two weeks.
Here's my schedule:

Major: Creative Writing

ENG 124 Intro to Fiction TR 2-3:15*
ENG 226 Intro to Creative Writing MWF 2-2:50

Minor: Music Composition

MUS 101 Theory of Music MWF 9-9:50
MUS 151 Sightsinging/Dictation TR 9-9:50
MUS 189 Western Music MWF 3-2:50*

Miami Plan Courses

ENG 113 Composition MWF 10-10:50
BOT 131 Plants, Humanity, Environment MW 12-12:50, R 7-7:50
*-also miami plan

Extra Classes (towards nothing)

MUS 100 Collegiate Choir M 7-8:15, TR 12:30-1:45
MUS 106 Marching Band MTWRF 4-5:25

The Miami Plan is the gen ed credits that I need. I need 15 classes (46 credits) for gen ed, 18 (55 credits) since I don't want to do latin again and therefore have to take 3 extra foreign language classes. But hey, whatever. I'm cool with it. I want to take German, anyways.

So I have 48 credit hours to take for my Major (16 classes) and 25 credits for my minor (15 classes). So after all of that, I've got exactly 128 credits, exactly what is required to graduate. But I plan on studying abroad if possible, so I have to take like 20 credits a semester just so that I can take a semester off. I plan on lightening my load by taking summer classes this summer at CCAC.

So I'm excited.

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Tim said...

Yay! This is almost exciting as my going off to college in the first place!