Monday, April 21, 2008

Peculiar Life

So, life has been okay. I've been busy with working and doing other things, but it's been nice. Sometimes I wish I could update more often about life, but I really don't have anything to say. I'm a second semester senior that slacks off more than she should. I hardly go to school anymore. I've decided that the things I do instead are more important to my life and my future than learning math and science. not that learning isn't important, but i like learning in the sense of experience rather than book work. So I've been doing a lot of stuff that I've enjoyed these past couple of weeks. And next week I've got band trip. I'm just really glad to be enjoying life.

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Tim said...

Well, be sure to enjoy it to the fullest, because these last six weeks or so will go by so quickly* you'll wonder where they went!

*I realize full well that it may not seem like that now, but trust me, there will be some times (like for me, right now) when you wish you could go back and visit your old life for a day or two. You've got to soak it all in while you can.