Friday, April 04, 2008


Tonight I have a ton of homework, but I'm so tired I can't concentrate, so I thought I'd type up a blog about it all instead. Since I've missed so many days of school, I have a ton of make up work I need to get settled before Tuesday (the end of the 9-weeks).

Calculus: We have a test tomorrow. I didn't miss anything while I was gone, but I wasn't able to do the homework assignments, so I lost 3 points. I have an 87 in that class right now. Even with 100% on the math test (which I won't get), I cannot get an A in the class for this 9 weeks. If I get below an 87 for the 9 weeks, it is impossible, even with 100% on the next nine weeks and for the final, to get an A in this class.

Government: I didn't miss anything during this class at all. Starting Monday, they began to watch a movie series that we're going to watch until the end of this week. I don't have any tests to worry about or presentations until Monday. I have an A in this class, and I'm pretty sure my grade hasn't dropped since he last updated edline, so I think I'm getting an A :D

Latin: Make-up day is tomorrow for latin. I have two tests I have to take, plus a quiz. Hopefully that'll be everything I need to make up for this nine weeks, and I can keep my A (93%) for this nine weeks. That'd be greatly helpful.

English: I have an A in English right now. Yeah, it's only a 90%, but hopefully nothing will bring it down. I have a chance (slim, but it's there) to make this final grade an A. I want to see if I can do it. Tomorrow we have a huge test on Poetry. I wasn't here for a lot of it, so hopefully I won't fail too much on it? Our huge research papers are due Monday.

Physics: Tomorrow Mrs. Dietz isn't going to be here. I have to teach for the class the colors of a resistor. I don't know how that's going to go, considering I have no idea. I have two tests to make up and a quiz to retake. Right now my grade is a 67%. I'm thinking that's going to go up after I take all of these tests. I'm thinking I'll probably end up with a middle B for the nine weeks.

Band and Chorus: I haven't missed much in these classes. Thankfully.

So my grades are looking pretty decent this nine weeks for everything that's been going on.

Calc- B (4.0)
Gov- A (2.25)
Latin- A (5.0)
English- A (5.0)
Physics- B (3.5)
Band- A (4.0)
Chorus- A (4.0)

My GPA would come out to be a 4.2 if I end up with these as my final 9-weeks grades.

It makes sense that I would have a B in both calculus and physics, because I've never been much a math-science type person. But it still saddens me that I can't get either grade to be very high. I'm hoping for better results during the last nine weeks, but I'm very-much doubting it due to my already awful senioritis. Oh well, at least I'm not going to die with awful grades. I'll at least be okay.

Speaking of getting good grades even during the last few months of school, I'm having a terribly difficult time deciding where I want to go to college. I mean, I know where I want to go, but I have no idea where I should go.

Allegheny costs roughly 40,000 (tuition and room and board). They gave me enough scholarship (as in money I don't have to pay back) to go there for 9,000.

Miami costs roughly 32,000 for out of state students. I only got enough scholarship that would bring the cost down to 25,000.

Now, looking at this you'd think "Allegheny!"

But I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I really, REALLY want to go to Miami. They've got better rooms. I got accepted into the Scholar's, so I'd get the best first-year dorms available. They have wireless connection throughout the entire campus. The campus is beautiful. They accept AP better than Allegheny does. Miami counts it as a class and as credit, Allegheny only accepts the credit. Miami has a lot more clubs, more internships, better study abroad and so much more. Miami also offers teaching, which Allegheny does not. Either way, I'd do a masters in teaching, but with Miami I could have already taken some courses. Allegheny also requires a minor outside of humanities (my major), which doesn't appeal to me since all I like is humanities (that being english, music, language, etc)

Now, with all this in mind, you can see how much harder it is to decide. Do I go for the school that I will love and enjoy and learn, going into debt 120,000 or do I choose the school that will make my student loans only 40-50,000? It would take me over 15 years to pay back the first one, the one I like better, or only 5 years to pay off the second.

Any one have any suggestions? I'm up for anything.

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mommyx3 said...

Hi Andrea! I haven't seen you for awhile! I read your blog tonight and I just HAD to comment. Here is my suggestion as someone who is currently trying to repay student loans. Even small loans can be hard to pay off. Right now, my loans will not be paid off by the time my kids are heading to college. I will be still paying off my schooling AND trying to help them with theirs. That's just nuts!! My vote is go for the less expensive school especially if you know you are going to get your masters as well. Just my two cents worth! Be sure you pray about it - God will show you what the best decision is. He has a wonderful plan for you. Take some time to be still and seek him! Love you! ~Sue