Monday, April 28, 2008

Band Trip Soon :D

So the band trip is coming up. I have soo much homework for it, but I don't really have that much homework due Monday and Tuesday.

In math class today, we're working on these big packets given to us on Friday because she won't be here. In government, we're starting the next presentation. In latin, we're writing journals, translating letters, and (for those taking the AP test) translating Catullus. In English we're reviewing a Doll's House and reading the Awakening. In physics, we're working rapidly through the sections to get everything covered by finals.

So I have a lot to do in each class, but nothing due until I get back from band trip, so that's always nice.

I'm really excited for band trip. I've decided that even though no one wants to walk around with me, I can enjoy disney by myself if I have to.

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