Monday, February 25, 2008

College Visit to Jay

So this entire weekend was pretty much amazing. Let's start with Friday, though, which comes before the weekend.

So Friday I woke up around 3 in the morning (anxious much?) and did nothing until finally found out that we had a two hour delay and that I didn't have to go to school. With this news, I went back to bed at around 5:3o and woke up around 9:30. Now that I was well rested, I played on the computer until my aunt came to pick me up for the bus station. I had to be there by about noon, so they picked me up around 11:15ish just in case. Well, we got there just fine and stood around the station until about 12:30 when they loaded the bus. We were on our way to Dayton. I slept most of the ride until Columbus, where we had to get off the bus. Due to "weather conditions" I was waiting there for two hours until we were finally able to go. We got to Dayton around 8:45. I got into a taxi and he took me to Dayton. Well, he didn't know where the library was, so I just got off and went to wonder around campus until someone told me where the library was. The library has this really, really cool model of the bible in it; I really really liked it. Jay came to get me and took me to his room. I dropped off all of my stuff and then we went to his cast party. We got there and I met a few of his theater friends (don't ask me for any of their names, though). It was fun. Aftewards we went to his dorm and watched a french movie called Aemelie or something. It was really cute. Plus we got pizza.

Saturday: Saturday I woke up around 8:30 after going to bed around 3:30 and waited for Jay's 9:15 alarm clock to go off so I could wake him up. After I woke him up, he went back to bed for another half hour. Then we took showers and went on a mini tour before the bus got here to go to the Golden Nugget for brunch. I had a hamburger and fries and Jay had some breakfast foods. Then we raced to Walmart and got some things Jay needed. The lady started counting by the penny Jay's change and finally Jay was like "Look, can I just trust you I have a bus to catch?" The lady was shocked but she gave Jay the money and we sped off towards the bus. After we got back, Jay took me on a tour of the entire campus, which isn't as big as like Penn State or anything, but it was still a lot of walking and a lot of touring. I don't really remember much, but I can get to the Humanities building and the Music and Theater building. And the foodcourt place, as long as I leave founders through the right door :-\ haha.

After the tour I took a nap while Jay Benze played video games. When I woke up, Jay and I played Smash with a few people until around 6 when a group of us went to eat. Nolan and I went to Panara and Jay and someone else went to Chipotle. We went to this really cool Improv show after dinner, put on by "On the Fly" that Jay's mentioned in his blog. It was AMAZING. Like honestly, these guys have talent. Jay's show was after that. They put on 28 skits, all of which were really funny. Katie Wilson and I watched the show together and I had a really fun time. After the show and after Jay cleaned up, we went back to the dorm to see who was going to the theater party. We ended up bringing a lot of nontheater people, but claimed they came with Chris (which was true). The party was a lot more fun than the first party.

Sunday: Sunday I woke up at 8 and Jay got up around 9:30. Then he chose his housing for next year and we went to lunch with a few of his friends. Afterwards, Jay and I played video games until it was time to leave for the basketball game. To get into the basketball game with a student ticket, you have to have student ID. Well, obviously I'm not a student. So when we got there, Jay found a friend from a class he had and convinced her to give us her ID once she got in. So I got to go to the basketball game. It was a whole lot of fun. They have a really really cool cheer that goes like "Gooooooo dayton flyers!!! (repeat) D.A.Y.TTTTTT O-O-O-O N" and it was a whole lot of fun. After the game, we walked back and Jay started on his homework. I played video games, and took a nap and stuff. Then at night we watched the Oscars. Jay was wikipedia-ing everything and saw that someone was updating the site each time a new award was announced. So that was fun.

Monday: Jay had classes Monday so I sort of played around. During his first class, I played video games and slept a little. then he came back for two minutes and was off again. After he left, I started on my English assignment and Jay's roommate came in. At 11 Jay came back and was there until 1, but he was doing homework, folding his laundry and watching Lost. He left and then his roommate came back (thankfully since I had to go to the bathroom and needed a key to go). At around 2 my aunt came to pick me up. Jay was back from class by then so we hugged and said our goodbyes.

So basically it was the best weekend of my life :D