Wednesday, December 05, 2007

So there once was this day

So pretty much I never update people on my life anymore. Well, this week has been pretty okay. Over the weekend I worked a lot, but it seems like I'm not working at all, and next week I'm barely going to work because I'm getting my wisdom teeth out. But I am going to be able to go to pictures the day after I get them out, even if I'm immensly drugged up and puffy-cheeked. The only problem is that the chorus picture is 1st period and the band one is 6th. And I'm not going to school that day for school. That would be awful, especially with all the drugs.

I've spent a lot of time looking into Allegheny College. I mean, I love Miami, but I've got to consider that it's out of state so I would have to pay more and get less scholarships and stuff. And Allegheny is small and beautiful, and would be great at focusing on me, since it is small. But I don't know. My decision isn't as easy as Laurel's.

My physics grade is slowly rising. I have a 68% now. But I'm definitely getting a progress notice, since they're due like next week. My math grade is an 80%. Which is sad, 'cause I wanted to get an A in the class, but whatever. I have no idea what I have in English or Latin, and my Econ grade is an A. So school is blah. I do have 100% in band, which is pretty sweet. But I have a 90% in chorus, which isn't.

The blood drive on Monday went pretty well, I think. Not for Laurel, as usual, but it went pretty well for me. No blood spurts, no bruises, ....well, there was dizziness. And my arm hurt a lot at work that night.

I'm really thinking of another job, though. Something outside of food. Maybe for Half Price Books, since I hear they hire people under 18? I was also thinking maybe something close to home, at that Stoner Center on 88. But I don't know. :-\ We'll see.


Tim said...

Yay! Life updates!

I hope your wisdom tooth extraction goes well. What day is it?

I'm glad school and work are going well for you, and I'm sure a college decision will be able to happen in due course, and that it will be a good decision, whatever you pick.

Connie Delintio said...

I like the idea of Half-Price Books as your next job. If I get a chance to go there anytime soon I can tell you if they are hiring..unless you find out before me:p thursday isnt going to be a good day for you:( But we DO get to go to Audience of the Future Monday:D Don't let me forget! I don't think I'm going to dress up very much.