Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Report Cards coming soon

I think my report card could be a lot better this nine weeks.

AP Calc-- I know I got a C in this class this nine weeks, but it's a 79%, so it's as close to a B as I could get. I'm planning on bringing that up a lot next nine weeks.

Econ-- After putting in all the homework and the essay that haven't been graded yet, I could actually pull off an A in this class. About two weeks ago I had a C, but since we've turned in a lot of stuff since then, I think my grade has definitely raised.

Gym-- I missed a lot of gym this nine weeks, so I might not have an A. That would be awful, and it could definitely hurt my GPA like whoa. So I'm pretty nervous.

AP Latin-- I either have an A or B in this class. I got an A on our big test and an A on our essay. I also turned in all of the homework and the bonus. The only thing that might bring it down to a B would be our vocab/grammar quizzes.

AP English-- I'm definitely getting a B this nine weeks in this class. It's mostly due to our vocabulary and the mythology test. Hopefully this will greatly improve next nine weeks.

Honors Physics-- I'm very unsure of whether this is an A or B. Because I didn't take the test on the day everyone else did, I didn't get my grade sheet back with my grade correctly on it, so I could have anything in this class, but I'm assuming it's either an A or a B.

Concert Band-- I have an A in this class and I've only been to class 4 times. That's impressive.

Concert Choir-- I have an A in this class as well, though not as high as I would like it. I had a 99 last year for most of the grading periods, and this 9 weeks I have a 95. Oh well, better luck next time.

So as a review:
AP Calc= C (3.0)
Econ= A or B (4.5 or 3.5)
Gym= ???
AP Latin= A or B (5.0 or 4.0)
AP English= B (4.0)
Physics= A or B (4.5 or 3.5)
Concert Band= A (4.0)
Concert Choir= A (4.0)

So my highest possible GPA if I got an A in those questionable classes is 4.1. If I got a B in all of those questionable ones, my GPA would be 3.6. I haven't had a 3.6 since freshmen year, so let's please hope it isn't that low.

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Tim said...

I'm sure you've done well.