Wednesday, September 26, 2007

person of the week (6)

Sam, hands down. She is absolutely amazing, well was. She died today in a car crash on route 51 involving a lot of steel center kids. Her sister is still in the hospital. This is like mega scary. I can't believe Sam died. She was so cute. She had the cutest dimples and a cute red cheeked face with red hair and everything. She was always smiling, always so cute. She had lunch my freshman year with me and I would sometimes go visit her because she was always talkative. She seemed to laugh at everything. During musical my sophomore year, I got chase her around stage during Beauty and the Beast. She would always walk after school down to that corner by the band room to go to her car and it was like "Hey Sam" and even still she always went to the mall and always said hi. One time I was passing out samples and we chatted for a good five minutes. She always had a smile on her face. Even when she was behind on homework, she had this slight smile on her face. She was the cutest thing. She was so nice. She was dedicated and she definitely was loyal. I don't know what anyone could do without her.


Connie Delintio said...

I miss Sammy=( She was one of my best friends my freshman year...and yea I met her during Beauty and the Beast. This person of the week is definately my favorite<3 When Tricia texted me telling me Sam was dead I cried for a good hour.

Connie Delintio said...

I blogged too andrea read mine:\

Tim said...

It is quite sad to lose an acquaintance such as this. Even if you aren't really the closest of friends, they bring about a positive light in you that makes you a better person. Yet, every so often, we are reminded of how quickly it can all be taken away.

I'm praying for the strength of Samantha's friends, family, and the entire BPHS community as they mourn the loss of the deserving recipient of Andrea's first posthumous "Person of the Week" award.