Thursday, January 25, 2007

make that a -239849127412.


Tim said...

Aw, don't cry. It will get better. I promise.

Miles C. said...

Awe, andrea, whats wrong? I love you so!

Laurel said...

Don't put it all the way down there, if you make it that low you'll never get it up. How about use a realistic number. And it's okay, we'll make it better, the english project is almost over and i know how much stress that is adding

And the rest of it will go down, at least next year won't be so bad!

Anonymous said...

wow! negative two-hundred thirty-nine billion, eight-hundred forty-nine million, one-hundred twenty-seven thousand, four-hundred twelve?!

so if i come watch your musical on march 31 will that count for at least, i dunno, +one hundred billion?

Miles C. said...

I love you


so there.