Wednesday, October 18, 2006

update on school

So far school has been tough and everything.

Latin- I hardly have time to think about this class. Everyone has foreign language as one of their tough classes and class they try to focus on, but I just don't have time. It's alright, though, because mrs. conrad doesn't really care that much. i mean, she does, but i'm not failing and she's a pretty easy going teacher. I hope i have either an A or a b in this class. I'm pretty sure I do. I did very well on our last quiz that Caitlin- my one friend who is smarter than i am- didn't do so good on. It's kind of an "it's there but i don't think about it" type of class.

Gym- Gym is really hard. Or well, aerobic dance is. I go to Chem every wednesday and friday and ask to go to the bathroom to just sit for a while and drink lots of water. I actually have a few friends taking it with me. Or well, we've become aquaintances. Which is nice.

Chem- This class is just bleh. My teacher doesn't know what she's talking about half the time. She favors only a few kids in the class- me, JeanHoi, Liz, Amber, Michelle, and this other girl I don't know the name of. I'm going to post something else on what happened today in this class.

Study Hall- I have this with Jay, sort of. Jamall and Sean and Steve come in sometimes too. Sometimes I do homework, and sometimes I help Mr. K. It's a pretty fun class. Sometimes, I just sit and watch Jay do his independent study. I really like having study hall. It's helpful no matter what day it is.

English- This is a pretty unique class. It's AP and it's sort of hard, with a lot of essays, but it's pretty interesting sometimes and I think I'm learning a lot. I still don't like poetry very much, but it does help me to write more creatively even with my stories- if i ever get around to them. I'm 5th in the class right now, which isn't great, but it isn't horrible either.

History- Oh god, AP history is the focus of my life. It's pretty much the main focus of everything I ever do, even though it's my lowest grade I have ever out of all my classes. I want to do really good in this class, I really do, but it's really hard. Last year jay told me not to do AP English and just do AP history, 'cause english would kill me, and it's turning out to be the other way around. I know i messed up this nine weeks, but hopefully I'll do better for the second nine weeks.

Math- I hate this class. It's boring, pointless and a waste of time. I write notes to Jay. That's about it. And sometimes homework.

Band and Chorus- I just decided to combine these. Band is alright, but sometimes it gets annoying. Chorus is amazingly fun and I love it. hehe.


Miles C. said...

I LOVE that you're in my study hall.

Laurel said...

I like english a lot, FST is killing me, you should be glad you are in such a pointless math class because it means you are not in the one that everyone wants to/has dropped, and yeah I am glad I'm not in AP history

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we finally got our calc exams back, and the class average was 57%. The students are dropping like flies. Well, at least, they're dropping the class before the 27 October deadline!