Sunday, September 24, 2006

i hate being weak

Two nights ago we had a football game, and I couldn't march during half time. It started out when I woke up on Friday. I got up and there was this extremefully painful....pain in my left leg. Now, it's a pain I feel like every other week, because I pull my muscles a lot, so I thought nothing of it, knowing it would eventually go away. Unfortunately, it didn't and still hasn't gone away, but instead gotten worse. So at the football game friday night, I marched pre-game, practically killing myself to move fast enough. Sean, afterwards, told me that I wasn't marching half-time because I was limping really badly and I was obviously in a lot of pain. So I had to sit out. Mr. B yelled at me for sitting out, even though Mr. P was the one that told me I should, once Sean got him and made me show him how well, or rather unwell, I could march.

Then last night we had a band festival. Now I was plannign on marching even though my leg hurt about two thousand times worse than the night before, because Mr. B was really mad at me for not marching the halftime show for the game. However, we got to the West Mifflin field, parked the buses, and got ready to march to our seats, and all of the sudden, I couldn't keep up. Sean even took my bag and told me not to march, just walk so that I could keep up, and I ended up about 20 yards behind the band. So my whole idea of marching last night was deminished. I instead sat off with Lauren Shaefer (I don't know how to spell her last name with all the variations of spelling for that name). We talked about how much she hated being the only piccolo in symphonic band, and how she liked to sail, and how she was going to go to homecoming but then she got grounded. We also talked about how jealous I am of Moria's amazing flute-playing talent. Then we went back to the buses, and went on our way home. Mr. B yelled at me again for sitting out, and made me cry because I hate disapointing a teacher, especially Mr. B.

So basically, I'm the biggest baby ever. :'(


Laurel said...

Aww andrea its okay! I recommend stretching your leg, i mean not now because it hurst, but definitely before you do any marching you should stretch that muscle so you don't pull it!

Loving Everyone Always Forever

Miles C. said...


You are seriouly injured, and I don't know how you get off saying you are not a baby. Mr. Buetzow had no right to yell at you.

By the way, I love you.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. I can understand him being angry at your pain, because it's keeping you from performing, but he has no right to me mad at you. And I don't think he really is. He's just not displaying the fact that his anger isn't really directed toward you as a person.

It's sort of like "love the sinner, hate the sin," only with pain, isn't it?