Sunday, August 06, 2006

busy busy busy

i hate being busy like this :'(....

I just wanted to mention that I'm leaving again for yearbook camp. Laurel (the ultrabusywoman) is leaving with me....and then after that I'm pretty much booked for a lot of the summer, 'cept I still need to go to kennywood with people- i bought like a million tickets so i could go and no one is going with me and it's sad that i wasted all that money....seriously. so i think people should actually start going with me....good idea, right? but anyways, i've got lots of things to do...i can't even work. it's really messed up and sad. alli is making about 200 dollars a pay check- we get paid once a week, and i don't even have a pay check, i don't work, everr. :'( so i'm broke, busy, and kennywoodless.


TJ said...

Aw, don't be Kennywoodless. I'll write about another amusement park if it'll make you feel better!

And just about the only income I've had in the last two weeks was 30 cents of interest on my bank account. So there.

I've got money, but I can't spend it. Because I'll need it all for books.

Laurel said...

So, yes I am ultra-busy, but I've decided not to play tennis this year, but not like that is taking away from my activities, because i'll have a job this yeah.

Luv ya all!