Thursday, August 17, 2006

Band Camp- try three.

haha, so for the past three days i've been trying to post someing about band, and it never seems to work. hehe.

but i'm having some fun. i was having trouble today with the heat which is never good, but i survived.

(i feel like double spacing a lot, though. sorry.)

anyways, sean is my squad leader (and also our section leader) and the whole squad is making t-shirts that say "i love sean". it'll be fun? haha.

and we're in his car for bandomania. so we're doing a scooby doo theme. which will be lots and lots of fun. really.

umm...that's all i really have to say

oh, and how about i wasted a lot of money on kennywood tickets :'(


TJ said...

Haha. Sean is going to be my roommate's name. When I finally get a hold of him... not like I'm going to bother wasting the minutes on the phone card.

Lexi Elizabeth said...

sean is going to be your roommates name? is he changing his name or something? :-P

Laurel said...

What's sean's last name? Do I know him? Is he cute, not that it matters, but if you're going to have a shirt that says you love him it would be nice, maybe you can cross out his name and write Jay on it later! lol

Luv ya all!