Sunday, July 16, 2006

Movies Galore!

I saw Pirates of the Carribean 2: Dead Man's Chest on Wednesday. It was pretty good. It really left you hanging at the end, however. But the next one only comes out in a year, so then maybe i'll go see it. I saw Superman Returns on Friday with Jaime- the day I broke my phone :-\. Anyways, that was a really good movie, but it was pretty long. My mom got mad when I called her at 10:30 telling her the movie just ended. But it was really good. I'm not a superman freak, or a superhero freak, but I guess watching Superman with one helps. Especially since I had lots of questions.


Laurel said...

PC2 was really good! I'm not sure if I thought it was better than the first but I liked it either way. I haven't seen superman and probably won't cause I would need to go with someone that really wanted to see it.

Luv ya all!

TJ said...

You see a lot of movies. Those two you saw that week are about two-thirds of my usual annual quota.

And no, I won't stop commenting your blog... I've got to catch up on all of July!!!