Wednesday, June 14, 2006

So far on my vacation

Sunday night after work we left for my cousin's house. He lives about an hour away from hershey. So the drive usually takes about 4 and 1/2 hours. We left at 4. We got there around midnight. Yeah, we spent two hours on a road we only needed to spend 15-20 minutes on. The directions told us to go right (these were directions given to us over the phone) and then go three redlights and turn right again. So we did this, and drove on a small street for about ten minutes until we realized that was more than "approx. 200 yards"and so we turned around and went further down this road. Well, after about the 6th light, we found a place that was still open and asked for directions. They told us it was all the way back and whatever, and so we turned around and went back and on and whatever. Well, after the third light this way, we turned, this time only going about 300-400 yards and figuring that this was wrong again. So we turned around and drove on for about twenty minutes (or maybe like ten) and didn't come up to another red light at all, so we turned all the way around and the first thing that was open was a Shell, right where we got off the highway. So we got the correct directions, drove about a half hour or whatever and finally found the place.

Monday, my mom wasn't feeling good and everyone else was tired, so we sat around all day. It pretty much SUCKED. I hate not having anything to do. And I always wake up around 6, no matter if I have school, work, or nothing, with or without an alarm clock, so I was up since 6 doing nothing. Everyone else seemed to enjoy it- saying "this is what you're supposed to do on vacation, relax"- and it pretty much drove me crazy. I was sick, and still am, so I basically layed around the whole day, like everyone else.

Tuesday we actually did something. My mom and I were awake around 6, obviously, and so we were ready to get going and do something. Alli, however, refused to go to Philly with us, even though she was the one who wanted to go there in the first place (we all picked one place we wanted to go). So we took Nick, my cousin, instead. Well, apart from my knee hurting at first, it was really fun. We saw the Liberty Bell, and Independence Hall, and Betsy Ross's House (Jo did a report on her this year and was dying to go see the house). We also went on a carriage ride thing and learned a lot about the historical part of the city. I sat on Ben Franklin reading his newspaper (he wasn't very happy :-P (it's just a statue)) and then we left. We only spent about 4 hours there, but that's all we were really planning. Alli didn't get anything, since she was being a pain and wouldn't come.

So that's it so far.

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Laurel said...

Well at least Tuesday sounds like fun, I've never been to Phily. I recommend reading your english books, getting at least one done in June is nice. Have a great rest of the trip, it will all be ok, even though u were bored!
Luv ya all!