Monday, June 26, 2006

not like anyone is ever checking this anyways

i've been really busy the past few days. and i haven't been going to bed until 4 in the morning, just so i can write my story (i'm not posting it on here, the other site is just for short little stuff). but i haven't gotten much of it done, just the prologue. but i do have a lot planned for it, and i hope i might actually pull through with it. is where i have the prologue posted right now. i have already had all my grammatical and spelling errors pointed out, but i've heard it's pretty good so far. you guys have to make sure i keep up with it, because it's my summer goal to write it (although i'll probably be writing it the rest of this year), and i don't want to get bored of it or forget about it. i'm pretty excited though.

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Laurel said...

I'm excited to read it, srry i haven't been checking your sites, I just got my computer back from the shop...something was wrong with the power supply...who knows!
Luv ya all!