Sunday, March 19, 2006

rock climbing

i've decided to post about rock climbing, just because it was really fun.

well, we went to REI and, well, rockclimbed. i did the walls in order from easiest to hardest. the first wall took me under a minute. the second wall was a little trickier but i'd say it was pretty easy. the third wall, only three of us completed it (lanky boy, derrick, and me). then i made them open up the fourth one and obviously lanky boy did it. i couldn't get a good enough grip with my hands to pull me up after a while, and i think it was because i was tired from the first three. oh well. maybe next time. i'll start with number 4. my arms still hurt me to death from rock climbing, as most of you all know. it's really quite pathetic.


Miles C. said...

Well you seemed like you had a lot of fun, so thats good.

Laurel said...

Next time I want to come lol! That would be so much fun!
Luv ya all!